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Our Why

Meridian Lee exists to work alongside people on the path to freedom from modern day slavery. Right now, there are more slaves than at any other time in the history of the world. But there is hope as the world becomes smaller and more connected.

Our network of artisans use their skills and perseverance in the midst of extreme hardship to break the cycle of poverty. Even more exciting, they are spreading this freedom within their community and modeling it for their children.

We've seen first hand that paying people (especially women) fairly to do the work they are good at is the most efficient and long lasting way to end modern day slavery.

Our dream is that charities would only exist for times of natural disaster and that people everywhere would have the freedom and pride of providing for their families themselves.

We hope your Meridian Lee products brings you joy in the day-to-day and deep satisfaction in the livelihoods it encourages.