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News — rachel kinley

Whiskey Neat and Pretzels Please

It’s 4am in Minnesota, and I would be sleeping if not for the buzzing of this tireless mosquito. Since the light on my phone isn’t doing much to lure the little buzzer in, I text Rachel. Rachel’s in China where it’s 5pm. She’s finishing up her third straight workday with Eli’s team of sewers and technical designers. They’re making remarkable progress. I want to see the samples via Skype or Facetime, but communication is still limited, so we text. I get a reply from Rachel immediately. "I heard you should use a match to draw the mosquito into the flame....

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Pretty Colors Will Save the World

We’re standing at the workroom table going over a Meridian Lee bag design. My focus is on clean lines and function. You know, important things like how many 3 oz TSA approved bottles does it take to hold a bottle of wine. Hmmm.   Hanna, one of our bag makers, is leafing through a book of swatches. Her hands come to rest on a kinda loud, metallic blue pattern. I’m not reeeeally feeling it. But she probably knows something I don’t know. So I force myself to pause and consider it. Isn’t collaboration about respect?  Isn’t it about the ability...

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